Tag: Gluten Free

Skinny Genie | Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

“Us humans are 90% water. We’re just cucumbers with anxiety.” Skinny Genie

Gluten-free Dining | Abu Dhabi

“More than anything else, what we eat is what determines our health and well-being.” Josh Turknett

Bean & Hop Earlsfield | London

“Bean & Hop was created under the consideration that London roasts the best coffee & brews the most amazing beers, so why not have a local where you can enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof!” Bean & Hop

Tucked away on a corner in London’s SW18 is a wonderful independent coffee shop called Bean & Hop (formerly The Earlsfield Deli). Good coffee, craft beers and seasonal fresh food are served seven days a week.

Organic Foods & Cafe | Abu Dhabi

“It’s NOT about money, it’s about nutrition.” Nils El Accad