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With billions of hours of stretching expertise developed through the years, we are well positioned to help you regain confidence in your body’s flexibility.” Dr.stretch

Do you have a sore neck, shoulders, hips, knees? The list of woes can be endless but what if you could increase your mobility and flexibility? Enter the newly opened Dr. Stretch studio in Abu Dhabi that offers 1-on-1 assisted stretching to help people live, in their words, a ‘pain-free life’.

CEO Masahiro Kurokawa founded Dr.stretch in Japan in 2010 when looking for a solution to help his injured son. Fast forward to 2023 and Dr.stretch has revolutionized the world of stretching that includes a global expansion with over 200 studios in five countries. The Abu Dhabi studio, located in Shams Boutik Mall, Reem Island, is the first in the region and has been opened by franchisor Venelin Tsonev who first discovered the company on a business trip to Singapore.

So how can Dr.stretch help potential clients? Certified stretch trainers perform assisted core balance stretching combined with pulsing movements after an assessment of the problem area/s. The team in Abu Dhabi have undergone intense training from Singapore’s Dr. stretch master trainer, Alan. The specialised body stretching techniques increase recovery and flexibility that helps correct posture and reduce pain while improving blood circulation to help with overall body condition.

Unlike regular wellness studios Dr.stretch has one large room with multiple massage style tables but there is a private room for ladies who prefer privacy. The music is loud and the vibe is upbeat and in line with Japanese culture it’s a no outdoor shoe zone inside the studio. Treatment sessions are available in various lengths and there’s packages for multiple sessions for the regular visitor. Individual treatments start with the introductory 40-minute Essentials session (beginner) for AED 280 up to the 90-minute Master session for AED 510 – see all prices and packages HERE

I had a 10-minute complimentary shoulder stretch (strangely only one side presumably due to time allocation) with Nebal that was designed to release tension in my right shoulder and give me more flexibility. It was an intense and painful treatment which did initially give me better range of motion on that side of my body.*

Stretching is a critical aspect of maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle and expanding the body’s range of motion alongside regular gym and fitness routines. By improving the body’s flexibility injury risk is reduced and short and long term pain alleviated. Assisted stretching is not a quick fix and requires numerous sessions depending on individual assessment. 


Location: First floor, Shams Boutik Mall, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Telephone: +971 50 882 4341

Website: www.drstretch.ae


*I have experienced continued soreness since the stretching, This review is based purely on my personal treatment experience.

I was invited to the Dr.stretch abu Dhabi launch. All views are my own. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2023. All rights reserved.

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