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In Pictures | Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2015

“The Summer Exhibition has never looked so impressive.” The Times

A lovely arty friend, who is a member (Friend as members are known) of the Royal Academy of Arts invited me to join her at the Academy’s annual Summer Exhibition at the splendid Burlington House in Piccadilly, London.

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Art Bites | Urban Bites

“I have travelled to the richest cities and poorest ghettos around the world and in these places witnessed beauty and tragedy.” Vera Vernerova

Last week, I was invited to the inaugural art exhibition held at the trendy Urban Bites restaurant located on Airport Road here in Abu Dhabi.

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Pulse Corniche | Abu Dhabi

“I can imagine ­becoming emotional if we can get migrant workers to participate in the piece, as I think it is critical that they feel included in the city” Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

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