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Ramen is one of Japan’s many great culinary gifts to the world.” Unknown

Contemporary industrial inspired interiors and hearty, authentic ramen bowls are the mainstay of Daikan Izakaya that has opened at Pier 71 in Yas Bay. Dubai based brand Daikan Ramen is debuting the Izakaya in Abu Dhabi and it’s received a positive welcome from the capital’s residents.

So what is an Izakaya? Loosely translated it’s the Japanese equivalent of a British pub, a casual bar that serves alcoholic drinks and bar snacks. In Japan, an Izakaya is particularly popular for after work drinks.

Like the decor the menu is minimalist with a small selection of dishes that are well presented and tasty. It’s a really nice place to go, I love the interior especially the large communal tables, open kitchen and the shelves filled with vinyl but equally there’s a really nice outdoor terrace with waterfront views. 

The ramen comes in miso, shio and shoyu flavours as well as a spicy and veggie options. The chef’s special ramen bowl has become a favourite in our house. There’s also yakitori aka grilled chicken (yaki=grill, tori=chicken), chicken or shiitake mushroom gyozas, bao buns, sushi, katsu curry and on-trend side, kimchi. The deep-fried miso eggplant is a good option for vegetarians and I personally can’t resist the sweet gyozas filled with Nutella and topped with salted caramel sauce. As it’s a licensed venue there’s a good selection of beers, wine and cocktails.

The service has been a little under par on our visits so far but hopefully that’s just a soft opening blip that will be resolved soon. Ramen is a staple in the Japanese diet and now it’s easy to access this comfort food at Daikan Izakaya, enjoy their big wooden bowls laden with umami flavours. I love the vibe, background music, the food and the location so it’s a place that we will revisit often.

Daikan Izakaya

Location: Pier 71, Yas Bay, Yas Island

Website: www.daikan-izakaya.com

Opening hours: Weekdays 12pm – 12am and Weekends 12pm – 2am

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