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I love all things that uplift the soul.” Nadia Sehwell, Bodytree Studios

The lovely people at Bodytree Studios invited me to their first ‘Fashion Meets Fitness’ event last week to unveil their photography campaign that has captured some of the stunning instructors posing in equally stunning clothes from The Luxury Arcade and photographed by fellow instructor Ellie Stott.

PicFrame-17The series of amazing photographs adorn the walls of entrance area of studio which was also the meeting point for the start of the event. Now I’ve been a regular Pilates client at Bodytree for about five years now, first at their old studio and more recently at the current location so I’m always happy to support anything that’s going on with this amazing business that has gone from strength to strength over the years. Being a fashion event, I donned my most jazzy and colourful Hotbox (one of the event partners) leggings and set off to enjoy the event. Upon arrival I was told we were going to partake in a Bodytree Body class (BTB) and whereas my fashion was on point (well I thought so anyway), my cardio fitness is most definitely lacking (note to self read small print of invitations throughly) and thoughts of hiding in the toilets popped into my head.


In-house juice bar Nectar were in charge of refreshments so we were treated to an array of delicious juices and I got to try some new flavours as I usually always order the same one, a Sustain(able) Energy as it’s so damn good, as well as some of the very tasty kale chips. One of the great things about this event was the opportunity to meet Nectar owner Mira Naaman in person rather than on social media. What a fantastic lady! So friendly and approachable and genuinely very passionate and knowledge about her products from perfecting her recipes to the sourcing of the freshest seasonal ingredients for all the menu items made fresh in-house daily and to order. That’s the great thing about both Bodytree and Nectar, both have been created by passionate and inspirational women, working mothers with a passion for health and fitness bought together in business through their family and friendships and a common goal, believe me they are achieving great things here in Abu Dhabi.

Founder and mother of two young children Nadia Sehweil started Bodytree with her mother Sharifa back in 2007 (formerly called Soma Pilates and Yoga Tree Studios) combining her passion for pilates, yoga, dance, holistic healing, well being and using her business degree all under one roof. Both ladies are instructors at the studio, in fact Nadia was one of our BTB class teachers at the event. Sharifa’s journey began with yoga and then Pilates first as a student herself which inspired her to becoming a certified Hatha Yoga and pilates instructor. As well as all the regular fitness sessions Bodytree offers lots of classes for Pre and Post Natal women including pre natal Pilates and Yoga, Hypnobirthing Ante natal education (with the very lovely Simone), breast feeding support and Paediatric first Aid courses and after delivery sessions in Post Natal Yoga, Baby Massage, Kindermusik and dance classes for babies and young children.

The transformation of the studio happened in the summer of 2012 when they moved into new premises in the spacious converted villa that offered clients so many more class opportunities and Nadia invited old Abu Dhabi school friend and London-trained chef Mira to transform the unused kitchen space into Nectar Juice bar, which has proved without a shadow of a doubt to be a fantastic success. Nectar provides the perfect nutrient fix for all Bodytree clients from the made-to-order delicious fresh, natural and organic juices and smoothies to more recent introduction of raw energy bites and kale chips.

PicCollage-5So I’ve digressed to avoid talking about my lack of sporting prowess and incredible embarrassing cardio fitness, quite frankly the word appalling springs to mind ( I read after that minimum fitness level is required, there’s my problem right there!). The chatting, mingling, sipping on healthy juices, crunching kale chips was more my thing but then it was time to exercise! A few props of light weights, straps and mats were given out and the very lean and elegant Anissa (ex-ballerina, say no more) and Nadia led the class from the front like the graceful butterflies that they are and I sweated, panted like a big old red-face elephant in the back corner! But I got through it without vomiting on myself which is always a bonus and did manage to partake in most (ish) of the routine.

BTB is a one hour heart pumping class designed by the instructors at the studio that combines intermittent full body sculpting, dance cardio and high intensity intervals for a lean sculpted physique, a latest trend in fitness that has you burning and toning (and panting if you are me) and as mentioned earlier a minimum fitness level is required due to high intensity/impact. BTB is available on Monday and Wednesday mornings, click here for more info.

I took myself and my wobbly legs to the Nectar cafe to join all the instructors and other participants to indulgence in a fantastic healthy spread of various salads, fruit, juices and a first for me sweet potato brownies which were very yummy, all prepared by the brilliant Mira and her Nectar team. The food was incredible and it was great to meet so many new people and we were also very lucky and treated to a fantastic goody bag. I can thoroughly recommend Bodytree Studios and Nectar from my own personal experience week in week out, both are great businesses run by amazing ladies, go girl power!


Bodytree Studios

Location: 11th/26th Street opposite the Adnoc petrol station, Abu Dhabi

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Telephone: 02 443 4448.

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Visit Nectar online at for more information and to view their full menu or contact by telephone 02 444 1119. Stalk them like me on Facebook and Instagram too 😉

The Luxury Arcade is located in the World Trade Centre Mall in Abu Dhabi

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I was invited to attend this event but all the views are all my own. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2015. All rights reserved. Photos of the instructors in Luxury Arcade outfits provided by Bodytree Studios.

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