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“Breathing new life into old traditions.” Tamba

Dessert is probably my favourite course of any meal. Probably is actually a lie, dessert IS my favourite part of any meal. Tamba has the best desserts in Abu Dhabi, fact. Just imagine my delight when I was invited to enjoy ALL of the delicious Tamba desserts in one intimate event last week, including the newest contender on the menu.

With all respect, up to now, in my experience it’s been virtually impossible to get a good dessert in an Indian restaurant let alone six! Tamba have blown that myth to smithereens, not only are their desserts creative, well presented and tasty they have the accolade of the best the capital has to offer. I skipped lunch in anticipation of the dessert tasting and wore loose clothing, me and my sweet tooth were beyond excited.

Tamba desserts are not only delectable but they also tell a story, a bittersweet romantic tale that unfolded with each dish visualised via a special movie presentation set to classic tunes. The story begins with Mumtaz, a mesmerizing and enchanting woman who falls in love with SJ. They get married, she made a beautiful bride but things changed when another woman came on the scene, the seductress known as Lady Chatterjee. Two ladies makes for a Sticky Situation for SJ and things got worse and a break-up ensued. What now for Mumtaz? Is there life after heartbreak? An Indecent Proposal perhaps?

Each part of the story is interpreted by a unique dessert, the delicious fruity Mumtaz is a strawberry yogurt parfait with ice halwa, rose and pistachio reduction and strawberry confit. The Bride all dressed in white is a meringue with chantilly cream, mango and coconut sorbet topped with scattered purple petals, with a sassy after bite of chilli. Lady Chatterjee is passionate and dangerous with hidden depths, an elegant cheesecake with gingersnap base, passion fruit curd topped with shards of white chocolate and honey shards, the popping candy left a lasting impression.

The Sticky Situation, an indulgent caramelized banana toffee cake with crunchy pecan nut praline that’s served with cardamom ice cream, is amazing and my second favourite on the menu. Tamba’s Break-Up is the sweetest break-up of all and hands down my favourite dessert EVER! Presented in a stone mortar the outer chocolate shell is smashed with a pestle by your server to reveal a dark chocolate mousse with peanut semifreddo and salted caramel which is then covered in a rich chocolate sauce. Exciting to watch and even more exciting to eat, I’m salivating just writing about it!

There’s a newcomer on the Tamba dessert scene launched in time for the month of love, the Indecent Proposal. Rose granita topped with a lemon sorbet sphere and finished with ruby red raspberry pearls, a smoky mystery that appeared icy at first, but is ultimately irresistible to many. Except maybe me, for me the Break-Up is still number one.


Award winning Tamba has been open for less than a year but it’s caused quite a stir in the capital’s dining scene, everyone is talking about it and anyone who has experienced the Break-Up dessert loves it! This stylish venue and its Indian inspired cuisine have the wow factor in abundance along with an amazing team that offer an accomplished level of service without fail. The dimly lit loft-style venue is decorated with oversized bells and an array of eclectic lights, a centralised bar area serves zingy cocktails in copper pots. There’s a busy glass-fronted show kitchen complete with Tandoor ovens, a delightful outdoor roof terrace and a resident DJ to set the mood. The food is innovative and tasty, the drinks spicy and creative and of course the desserts leave a lasting impression. A menu and experience that takes Indian food to the next level, quite simply if you haven’t already, you have to try it for yourself and as always save room for dessert.

Tamba Restaurant

Location: The Hub at The Mall, World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi

Telephone: 02 672 8888



Opening hours: Weekdays 12:00pm – 01:00am, Weekends 12:00pm – 02:00am

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