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You are what you eat – so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.” Unknown

When local business Keep It Simple offered me the opportunity to try one of their nutritious meal plans designed to aid cleansing, weight management and detoxing, I felt it was an opportunity too good to miss to counteract all my unhealthy brunching habits and general overindulgence.

I started my three-day After The Weekend cleanse on a Sunday. Keep It Simple definitely lives up to its name, they sure make it simple to follow the plans, everything is delivered fresh to your door every morning, labelled in the order in which to consume along with a personal folder containing all the nutritional data and advice. Menus are included along with top tips for during, completion and after the plans as well as information on all the benefits cleansing has on the body.


So what is Keep It Simple? The company’s ethos is good nutrition is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle and with that in mind they have devised a range of plans from three to ten days that offers a combination of fresh smoothies, juices, soups and salads to cleanse and detox while supporting weight management.

My three-day ‘After The Weekend’ cleanse  is one of the company’s introductory plans that is perfect for someone who wants to see how they cope with a radical change of eating habits and detoxing. The program is designed to improve digestion, allowing the body to reset and realign by flushing out all the toxins. Honestly, I struggled as my main vices of tea, coffee and anything sugary and sweet were banned and replaced with a practically liquid diet. Even on day one I was craving tea and toast but I was determine to complete the plan without straying and I did!


The food was very tasty especially the early morning smoothies and soups, I was less enamoured with the afternoon juices and salads. As a habitual snacker I also struggled with the lack of things to nibble on but the small protein balls were tasty as was the rejuvenating flavoured water. I also drank warm lemon water when I woke, mineral water with lemon slices throughout the day and green tea, all plan approved drinks!  Drinking plenty of water is key to the cleanse to keep hydrated, as is minimal exercise, even just a brisk walk will do!

Would I do it again? Yes, I would even though I found it tough, had quite bad headaches and felt totally drained, I also felt good about myself and definitely less bloated. A healthy diet requires a great deal of willpower, self regulation and planning, Keep It Simple certainly helps to make that very easy. Post plan recipes are also included in your personal plan folder so you can keep up with your juice routine once the plan has finished.

I particularly liked the communication aspect of the plan which I found both motivating and supportive. I received various texts before, during and after the plan asking me how I was feeling, feedback about the specific daily menu, my likes and dislikes and general wellbeing. Immediately after my plan had finished I was asked to complete an online survey.

So if you fancy a New Year’s detox delivered to your door daily then Keep It Simple is the perfect option for you, visit them on Facebook here for more information. I’m not going to lie, my tea and toast with butter and marmite the morning after the completion of my cleanse tasted absolutely fantastic, my willpower is good for only three days it would seem!


Keep It Simple


Telephone: 050 418 8378

Facebook and Instagram

Delivery to Abu Dhabi and Dubai available (charges apply)


3 Day – Detox AED 800

3 Day – After The Weekend AED 750

5 Day – Cleanse  AED 1000

5 Day – Sunset to Sunrise Fasting Plan AED 1300

7 Day – Cleanse & Weight Loss AED 1250

10 Day – Cleanse & Weight Loss AED 1800

There is also a Frequent Flyer option where plans are offered as a flexible programme for those who are constantly on the go whether for business or leisure.

Thank you Keep It Simple for the opportunity to review the After The Weekend plan. The views are all my own based on my experience. Unless otherwise stated all photos © Jo Brett 2015. All rights reserved. Photo collage made using photos provided by Keep It Simple.


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