Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

“I have been influenced by people of different periods and it is my wish to paint them as true to their character.” Hyung Koo Kang

Time got the better of me again with a week of visitors and activities, so here is my late entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art. The brief stated that “Art” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning — even food. Show us a thing, place, or person that’s a work of art to you.

We were lucky enough to see the works of Korean artist Hyung Koo Kang in his ‘The Burning Gaze’ exhibition on a visit to Singapore. The series of intense hyper-real contemporary portraits, some of well-known personalities and self portraits were amazing and it was hard to choose a small selection to share for this challenge from my large album of photos from the exhibition held at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). The hyper-realism pieces on canvas and aluminium appeared to be photographs from a distance but on closer inspection you could see the layers and complexity of the oil paintings not to be confused as photorealistic.

ImageVincent van Gogh in Blue (2006) Oil on Canvas

ImageVan Gogh in Red (2010) Oil on Canvas

ImageSelf Portrait ~ Hyung Koo Kang (2010) Oil on Canvas 


Davinci (1998) Oil on Canvas

ImageWarhol in Astonishment (2010) Oil on Aluminium 


Theresa (2011) Oil on Aluminium

ImageThe Singapore Art Museum (SAM) held The Burning Gaze exhibition by Hyung Koo Kang 

All views are my own based on my experience. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2014. All rights reserved.