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Nothing will benefit human health and increases the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Albert Einstein

Top of my to-do-list in London on my latest visit was Whole Foods, seriously what has happened to me? I used to crave my Selfridges fix, straight from Waterloo aboard the Jubilee line (favourite tube line, is it ok to have a favourite tube line??) to the Bond Street store but lately it’s been the old Bakerloo (least favourite) line all the way to Piccadilly.

storecover_0Whole Foods Store, Piccadilly (Photo: Whole Foods Website)

Why this change of heart you may ask? It’s all because of the chia!! I was on a mission to get some chia seeds to add to my green smoothies, that I cannot source so far in Abu Dhabi and Whole Foods is awash with the little seeds of nutrition. I was literally spoilt for choice, black chia, white chia, chia shots, big packets, little packets, tubs, chia oil but with my sensible airline weight limit restrictions head on, I just purchased the two smaller packs, one of each colour.

IMG_1821Pouches of seedy goodness

While there on a packed Saturday afternoon (silly day to go I know) where people were literally buying the whole store, trolley by trolley, this latte loyal girl indulged, not in my usual milky caffeine infused beverage, but in a ‘Green Machine’, a zingy little health drink of kale, green apple, ginger and lemon juice, which I highly recommend if you are in the neighbourhood. Seriously, I have changed!

IMG_1482Zingy Green Machine Smoothie

Despair not, meeting up with my middle son, who shares my shopping gene (camera-shy, so no photos of his hairy little face) we headed off in the direction of the shops and made short work of Liberty and Carnaby Street and eventually ended up in the world of the yellow bag and the shopping mecca that is Selfridges. Normality resumed and a skinny latte consumed, eldest son arrived and we went off to ‘Sneaker Heaven’ so they could get their fix of the latest releases, yawn! (spot jet lagged half asleep mother seated in shoe department zzzzzzzzzz)


But I have deviated, what’s all the fuss about Chia, you may ask? These little seeds boost energy (should have purchased a shot of them when offered to get me through the sneaker department) . Chia is one of the richest plant-based source of Omega 3, fibre and complete protein,loaded with vitamins, minerals and Antioxidants. It also boosts energy so incorporating chia seeds into everyday diets by adding them to smoothies or yogurt, mixing them into porridge or other whole grain cereals, or even just sprinkling them on top of salad or fruit is a great way to improve overall health and wellbeing. Simples! They really are a super food (not sure if that’s official just my opinion)

IMG_1856Nutritional Bit

Chia also contains soluble and insoluble fibre, both essential for good digestive health. Insoluble fibre cannot be digested by the body but provides roughage that helps to keep food moving along the digestive process, as well as lowering the risk of colon cancer. Soluble fibre moderates blood glucose levels, lowers cholesterol and keeps the colon hydrated as well as aiding in food movement. Too much info perhaps?? Chia is also well-known for helping people lose weight because it helps to keep you feeling full. Eating the seeds and then drinking water causes a gel-like coating to be formed around them, increasing their size and weight and this gelling action helps the body think it’s full. Bloody Brilliant I say!

FACTUAL BIT: By taking two tablespoons of chia twice a day, you can consume 82% of the recommended fiber intake with less than 90 calories for every serving! Chia seeds also contain powerful antioxidants that help to prevent free-radical damage in your body that leads to premature aging of the skin and inflammation and disease.

IMG_1831National Chocolate Week at Whole Foods (Photo: Whole Foods)

I returned to Whole Foods for a second visit last week with the other half and the teenager in tow, who had previously only been to the NYC branch, to purchase a wholesome and organic lunch from their awesome takeout section. With everyone’s needs taken care of in a very healthy fashion, we discovered that on a day when it is persisting down with rain, all the trendies take refuge in Whole Foods seated upstairs area! On the upside, it was National Chocolate Week and there was lots of free delicious organic choccy treats on offer in store including a very nice Organic Chocolate Cake, that I am sure was so healthy it was calorie free. I went round twice, trying not to make eye-contact with the vendors, the dark chocolate with orange was immense!

Like the sound of Chia, then check out

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  1. Wednesday night read your interesting blog. Thursday morning walking along Kensington High Street recognised the name and your photos so just had to enter this market. Brilliant market the best one I have visited even surpasses those in the USA and Australia. Thanks Jo for introducing me to Whole Foods.

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