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Miracles is the go-to wellness center in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to rest your body, relax your mind, and reboot your system.” Miracles Wellness Center

Holistic wellness is something that’s growing in popularity as people search for an alternative to mainstream medicine. Luckily for us capital dwellers, specialist well-being and healing treatments are now available at Miracles Wellness Center in Abu Dhabi.

This is the second home for Miracles after the success of their first wellness hub in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi location is not the easiest to access, honestly I was feeling far from zen after trying to park in the busy downtown area. While an old tower block may not be the ideal locale, the space is a relaxing oasis with a variety of alternative therapies for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

If you are looking to charge your energy and embrace positive vibes then Miracles is the place for you. Personally, even though I’m open to trying different treatments, I’m somewhat skeptical about spiritual and energy healings. Typically these types of treatments can divide opinions and attract a lot of non-believers. My previous experience was a Reiki session (at a different studio) where I felt absolutely nothing which further added to my skepticism.

I was invited to try a treatment so undeterred by my dubiousness, I chose Chakra Balancing. For context, Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning disk or wheel that refer to energy centers in the body. If one of the Chakras (wheels) isn’t functioning properly it affects all the others. Chakra Balancing is a form of treating your energetic body using a transference of energy to heal any blockages. If you practice yoga, you have probably heard about the body’s seven chakras (see below) in your classes.

My therapist was fellow Brit Jane, a friendly Northern lady who exuded positiveness which immediately put me at ease. She used a crystal pendulum to identify that two of my chakras were blocked and explained the emotional and physical well-being functions of the closed chakras. Now this is where it got interesting asJane spoke about things which she had picked up upon during the balancing. It was quite the revelation considering we had just met and not discussed any personal information. She then ‘unblocked’ both chakras by placing her hands above the target areas where I immediately felt an intense radiating heat. Unless you have experienced this yourself you may struggle to believe it. I did look around for any external heat sources but can confirm I saw none!

Next up was a group Laughter Therapy session. An initially awkward affair with forced laughter, chanting and breathing exercises. The session, also taken by Jane, was designed to release any inhibitions and the laughter, intentional or otherwise was contagious. Laughter is known to release endorphins and the sessions can reduce stress, enhance your mood and increase energy levels. It may seem silly at first but once you drop your inhibitions it can be beneficial and releases dopamine and serotonin, aka the happy hormones.

My final activity was an insightful art therapy women’s circle with Heather. Each attendee was asked to assign colours to an emotions wheel followed by a discussion about those emotions and why we choose particular colours and feelings. Miracles offers several mindfulness-based art therapy sessions that can improve positive coping skills, increase positive thinking and interpersonal connections. These tools can also help to manage stress and anxiety.

The qualified practitioners offer private one-on-one and group sessions as well as courses, workshops and events. An extensive list of treatments are available that includes Energy, Reiki and Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy, family constellations, yoga, naturopathy and my personal favourite, Sound Healing. Miracles is the only center in Abu Dhabi to offer salt healing treatments in their dedicated Himalayan salt room. There’s also a retail area with a selection of colourful crystals in all shapes and sizes.

Miracles, founded by Amrit Schmidt, has created a community and spaces for energy healing in Dubai and now Abu Dhabi, where people can find connections with like-minded people. If you are looking to make a life change, focus on self-development, explore alternative therapies and holistic healing or challenge your own skepticism visit their website HERE to find out more information and book. Some treatments are also available online if you wish to experience them from the comfort of your own home.

Miracles Abu Dhabi

Location: 302 Al Ghaith Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi            

Telephone:  02 5468 666

Website: www.miraclesworldwide.com   

Book via email on info@miraclesworldwide.com or via WhatsApp 050 424 9184


All views are my own based on my experience. Unless otherwise stated all photos © Jo Brett 2022. All rights reserved. Chakra diagram used with courtesy of www.healthline.com

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