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The body is your temple, keep it pure for your soul to reside in.” The Hot House

Tucked away under one of the residential blocks in the Al Zeina community is The Hot House, a dedicated family run studio with a full programme of classes. With two dedicated spaces, the larger Sun Studio and the smaller Moon Room, there’s plenty of classes available whatever your ability or preference.

I may be biased, as I live in Al Zeina and it’s super convenient, but the classes are really good. The best part, they have a great introductory pack for first timers that is not only super affordable but gives you the opportunity to try several classes to find what you like. For just AED 157.50 (includes VAT) you get to try unlimited classes for seven consecutive days and if you sign up for any package within that seven day period you get 5% off. During our introductory week we tried several different classes from the relaxed candlelit sessions to the more challenging like Swing (also known as aerial yoga) and the very intense 90-minute vinyasa.

Single classes are AED 80 each but with plenty of packages on offer you can find an affordable solution if you intend to practice yoga regularly. The Hot House features on the GuavaPass App and classes can also be booked via the Mind Body App. While most classes are mixed there are ladies only sessions, pre-natal classes, toddler sessions and children’s yoga and rhythmic gymnastics classes available (click here to see the latest schedule).

As the name suggests, The Hot House offers Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga which is practised for ninety minutes in 40 degree temperature (akin to being outside in early summer in the UAE). Bikram has twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises performed in the heated room that’s designed to loosen muscles, cleanse the body of toxins and help participants get a deeper stretch.

The schedule also includes Ashtanga, Hot Vinyasa, Hatha-Vinyasa Flow, Bikram Express, Bodega Fit Flow, Candlelit Yin and my personal favourite Warm Restorative, as well as barre, pilates and zumba sessions (schedule changes monthly). As a quick guide Ashtanga is a set series of postures with a sun salute between postures, Hatha (Ha being the left side of the body and tha the right) aims to merge/unify both the left and right sides of the body with gentle movements and Vinyasa, the opposite of hatha, where a sequence of fast-moving poses are strung together to make a sequence.

The Hot House also hosts guest teachers for specific events and workshops such as Hormone Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls & Meditation, Baby Massage and Yin & Yoga Nidra to Release the Creative Subconscious to name a few of the past special events and courses. It’s a simple space with a rustic wooden design with separate male and female changing rooms with showers and free parking. There’s also a small retail space with very covetable patterned yoga mats, clothing and accessories for sale.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi who wants to try a new space to practice there’s a good variety of classes and teachers suitable for all levels. Embrace your downward facing dog and chaturanga dandasana, re-centre your wellbeing and improve your flexibility with yoga classes at The Hot House.

The Hot House

Location: Block B, Al Zeina, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi  

Telephone: 02 583 7753



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