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We take burger crafting seriously.” Blaze Burgers

Forget your regular American burger chains there’s a new joint in town and it’s design is rather cool. Bahraini craft burger concept Blaze Burgers has taken its first foray into the UAE dining scene with a trendy casual dining outlet at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai.



So what’s on offer and why is it different from the rest? For a start there’s a vast range of options, a burger lover’s dream you might say, including the signature 6abooga aka the Brick Burger served in not one but two grilled cheese sandwiches (definitely not for the faint hearted or those on a diet). As expected at a burger joint meat eaters are well catered for but there are some vegetarian options too.

Industrial chic is the order of the day; concrete floors, exposed lightbulbs and metal pipework offset by bold and colourful contemporary artwork, graffiti and on trend light boxes. The menu is large with literally every topping (twelve to be precise), sides and extras known to man as well as a choice of bun (low carb lettuce wraps available too for the more health conscious) and a selection of drinks.

Diners select their customization and proceed to the ordering station before taking a shopping basket to select sauces, mustards and condiments from the retail style shelving display, if you like hot sauces you are in for a treat.

The menu is constantly evolving with new creations and embraces local flavours. Specials to commemorate UAE and Bahrain National Days include a Balalee6 Milkshake and the Bahraini Tikka burger both available throughout December in Dubai and Bahrain. All patties are made from only the best cuts of American Angus or Australian Wagyu beef (ground before grilling and kept for a maximum of two hours for maximum freshness) and topped with a choice of gourmet cheeses. Forget your standard chips, french fries and onion rings (although they are available) and try Blaze Burgers very own ‘scoopers’ a hybrid between a potato wedge, potato skin and a chip and perfect for scooping up all the homemade dips.

We sampled the aforementioned Bahraini tikka burger, gourmet wagyu burger in a lettuce wrap and a portobello mushroom burger with a whole wheat bun accompanied by a portion of scoopers. If you like some fire with your food opt for the Nuclear Mustard, the Angry Fries topped with cheese and jalapenos or the Inferno Chilli Cheese Fries.


It’s not just burgers that draw diners to Blaze Burgers but also the restaurant’s unique DryShake’s that’s causing quite a stir in Dubai, a milkshake made with with ice-cream instead of milk. The Cheesecake variety was calling my name but I channelled my inner willpower and opted for just a dessert instead, a rather delicious warm blondie cookie served in a skillet with pots of accompanying sweet treats. So M A N Y calories in one meal.


Blaze Burger is the brainchild of Abdulla AlAlos, a Bahraini national who set up the first restaurant in the popular Adliya area back in 2011 and it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s all about design, attention to detail and quality, even the towelettes are custom made with all diners given Burger Crime Scene Cleaning Kits post meal. Competition is fierce in JBR with Five Guys and Shake Shack already in situ and the very popular Black Tap Burgers and Craft Beers opening opposite anytime soon only time will tell if Blaze Burgers can make its mark on the burgeoning Dubai burger scene.

Blaze Burgers Dubai

Location: The Walk, JBR, Dubai

Telephone: +971-800-25293


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