In Pictures | Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2014

“People don’t like contemporary art, but all art starts life as contemporary – I can’t really see a difference.” Damien Hirst

Last week was the sixth annual Abu Dhabi Art fair held at Manarat Al Saadiyat located within the Saadiyat Cultural District here in Abu Dhabi and in this my third post (not sure how it became three posts, but that’s how good the event was) I have shared a selection of my photos of the fantastic modern and contemporary art that was on display from galleries around the world. 




DSC00469DSC00467 DSC00466DSC00460

DSC00465 DSC00464 DSC00463 DSC00459 DSC00457 DSC00456 DSC00455

DSC00454 DSC00451 DSC00450 DSC00449DSC00442IMG_7620DSC00447DSC00441DSC00440 DSC00439 DSC00437 DSC00436 DSC00434 DSC00433 DSC00432 DSC00431 DSC00430 DSC00429 DSC00428 DSC00427DSC00422DSC00426 DSC00424DSC00425DSC00423DSC00476




To read more about this years Abu Dhabi Art, the ‘Seeing Through Light:Selections from the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection‘ exhibition click here and the Louvre Abu Talking Art Series click here. For more information about Abu Dhabi Art click here.

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