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I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the World I’m coming homeJ.Cole

It’s nearly 2am here, I have been up since 6am yesterday but even in my state of over-tiredness I am still super excited as the teenager and I are getting the Bloody Awful (BA) overnighter to London Town. We are sat in the lounge waiting to board, flight is packed, expectations are low but to be honest it cannot be any worse than my last flight to Heathrow on Etishite!


My ticket out of here

To say we were eager packers is an understatement! Pulling jumpers, leggings, jeans, umbrellas and my favourite accessory boots from the various cupboards where they are stowed around the apartment. We are looking forward to the Autumnal weather with anticipation and glee. I am sure that my excitement will wain once we land in the early morning gloom that always seems to surround Heathrow when an early flight arrives, the tussle at Hertz and the M25 car-park but for now, we remain enthusiastic. At the moment I cannot wait to see the rain!

Looking forward to seeing everyone, catching up with my two sons and my friends. I can hear Pizza Express calling my name (it’s the simple things I miss). Laptop away, phone to Airplane Mode, Seatbelts on, Cabin Crew take your seats for takeoff , let’s get out of here.

See you on the other side peeps!

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