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Energy and persistence conquer all things.’ Benjamin Franklin

For anyone that knows me, you know that the title of this post is clearly not true, well it wasn’t until yesterday!

It seems that my previous post entitled ‘Finding my Inner Core’ where I quite plainly stated that me and exercise are not friends has not deterred my other half from trying to get me to participate in some sort of fitness beside my Pilates classes. Yesterday, he and my daughter decided to start the 30 Day Squat Challenge at home and I was coerced into participating too, under duress I might add! The only challenge I was contemplating yesterday up to that point was whether I was going to be able to only eat one of the Twix fingers instead of both, after a weak moment in the supermarket.

I was presented with the facts after trying to duck out of the challenge but as it’s only one exercise at home without any equipment, I didn’t have a plausible excuse. So I asked myself how bad can it be? In my little non-exercise brain I thought, 1 squat a day building up to 30 on the last day, I can do that. I know, I am really that unfit that I saw the prospect of 30 as a challenge. How wrong I was! Day 1 was 50 squats!! That’s 50!! Adding 5 squats per day from then on with a rest day every fourth day building up to a grand total of 250!! The only saving grace is that they can be spread out over the day, well thank goodness for that at least!


The programme from

So as I sit here writing this (quads burning) with 30 squats left to do today, I have been reading up on what benefit the squats will be doing for me and apparently it’s going to shape and tone up my legs, bum and stomach, fancy promises, sounds more like a miracle to me. Apparently squats are also one of the best functional exercises promoting mobility and balance that help you complete real-world activities with ease, help you to burn more fat and are one of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories, now that all sounds like good news!

So I can’t argue with the facts, I will let you know when I drop out, sorry did I say that out loud, I meant update you with how I am getting on. Challenge accepted!

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5 thoughts on “She Squats Bro | Health Challenge

  1. Hey, you should check out Tribesports – we have a lot of awesome Challenges you can try out on site, and you can also log all of your training and progress. Drop me an email if you’d like more info or to review some of our Challenges and workouts, we can also send you over some graphics for Challenges to publish on your blog.

  2. Hi Adrian. Thanks for the info, I will check out Tribesports for more challenges and let you know if I plan to take one up and use it for the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jo

  3. I used to do 10-15 squats every time I got up from my desk to visit the ladies room (as well as push-ups against the counter in the bathroom). It really helps to space them out over the day. For no apparent reason, that habit was dropped a few months ago. You have inspired me to take it up again. I’m in. Good luck!

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