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We believe in being different, being fun and most important of all, being upside down.” Upside Down House

Fancy a fun, family-friendly affordable activity on Brighton seafront? Try the museum of illusions known as the Upside Down House on the promenade. You can’t miss the topsy-turvy colourful house near the i360 that looks like it was blown onto the seafront during a crazy storm.

The two-storey open plan inverted house allows you to move from room to room collecting photos and poses in different domestic situations. Downstairs is a bathroom, kids room and hallway with a wonky spiral staircase at one end that leads to the lounge, kitchen and bedroom upstairs. You end up with some great images, everything is on the ceiling as if it’s the floor, you just take your photos as normal and flip them. The friendly staff are on hand to help you with angles and take some shots.

It’s a good short experience (15 – 20 mins) but definitely not advisable if you suffer from motion sickness*, dizziness or had a few too many the night before. COVID-19 safety measures are in places including restricted visitors numbers.

Upside Down House

Location: Kings Road Arches, 42-43, Brighton. BN1 2NL, UK  

Telephone: 07761 802281



Ticket prices: £4.50 per person (Children under 3 are free. Group discounts available) Book online HERE

Opening Times: Daily 10am – 8pm (Saturdays & Bank Holidays 10am – 9pm)

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Click HERE for information about the three other UK locations

*Motion sickness may apply due to the house being at a slant

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