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I was invited back to Twiink, the charming pink fronted brow and lash studio in Al Muneera to try their newest treatment, Brow Lamination (aka a brow lift). Brow lamination originated in Russia and now it’s the latest craze taking the beauty world by storm. The non-invasive treatment gives brows a natural, defined and fuller look that lasts around 6 weeks. Lashes are ‘permed’ but instead of curls the hairs are straightened and brushed upwards to give a fuller appearance (think Cara Delevingne).


The Experience ~ Always on the hunt for better, bigger brows, I was keen to try the brow lamination process. My therapist Dinara cleaned my brows before applying the keratin infused solution to ‘perm’ each hair to soften and straighten them, the hairs were also brushed upwards continuously. The setting lotion was then applied and my brows were covered to flatten and ‘set’ them. 

An oil based serum was then applied and I had my brows tinted (optional extra) to give the desired fuller look. Brows must be kept dry for 24 hours and then going forward you brush the brows upwards with the spoolie provided by the studio.

Pros ~ Brow lamination gives brows a uniform, fuller shape and it’s a more affordable and less painful alternative to microblading. Brows are easy to maintain and just need brushing in the direction of your choice daily, it’s the best treatment I’ve found (to date) to keep my stray brow hairs in place. The lamination treatment costs just over AED 200 and lasts between 4 – 8 weeks (depending on the thickness of the brow hair).

Cons ~ The chemical solution has a strong, unpleasant smell akin to perming lotion but it’s bearable as only applied for a short time (approx. 45 minutes).

The overall experience – As always the Twiink experience was good, the posturepedic treatment beds are super comfy and the treatment takes about an hour. Once the 24-hour settling period has passed brows can be brushed upwards to have a feathery look or a wet, sleek look with the application of brow gel. Brow lamination is reported to increase brow hair growth (always good) and encourages the hair to grow in an upwards direction. 

Aftercare is important, brows need to be brushed daily and nourished using oil –  Dinara recommends castor oil. This is the perfect treatment for thinner brows and helps those with patchy areas. I’m really pleased with my fuller brows and happy to have avoided the pain of microblading. 

Twiink Studio also offers brow shaping and tinting as well as the more expensive Microblading and Microshading (ombre powder brows) options for semi-permanent brows. There’s also a menu of lash extensions to suit all customers from the signature Classic set, Natural Volume (for fullness and texture), Russian volume (for a luscious look) to Mega Volume. Other lash treatments include lower lash extensions, bubble treatment for lash cleaning and the Yumi Lash Lift where lashes are curled using a keratin treatment (price upon consultation) and a range of waxing services. 

Professional make-up services are offered using MCollections-MSkin Mineral make-up. The mineral based products from New Zealand are made with natural oils and antioxidants that make them ideal for UAE weather conditions and they are also totally paraben-free.

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