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It’s been just over a year since GuavaPass was introduced in Abu Dhabi and in that last twelve months the fitness app, that gives members the best opportunities to workout, has taken the capital by storm.


Originally launched in Singapore, GuavaPass offers different classes from studios across the Emirate, bookable online or via a handy app. Members pay a monthly fee to work out at any studio for a maximum three times in a 30-day period, thus taking the stress out of organising your fitness routine. The one stop membership allows you to search facilities, book classes, try something completely new or manage your existing workout schedule with ease. The added benefit is the variety, there is something for everyone from yoga to spinning, pilates to boxing and every other possible class inbetween, you might find a class that you really love and never knew existed, if you don’t like a session or a studio you can move on to something new.

GuavaPass members have access to an extensive community of over fifty premium fitness studios and facilities in the capital that offer a selection of 300+ daily classes. There’s also exclusive events with wellness experts and a range of GuavaPerks from healthy living partners across the region.

How do you join a GuavaPass class? It’s really simple. Choose either a day, time, location or type of session and watch all the possibilities across the city appear before your eyes. You can book up to a week in advance to secure spots in more popular classes and you will receive confirmation online/on the app as well as a reminder an hour before the session is due to start. Classes can be cancelled up to twelve hours before they start to avoid cancellation and no-show fees. Bookings can be made up to an hour before they start as long as there’s space in the class giving members the flexibility to make last minute decisions.


What’s the cost? Membership is available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis, if you attend five or more classes a month you have already made your money back. Monthly membership is priced at AED 399 per month, 3-Months membership AED 379 per month, 6-Months membership AED 349 per month  and 12-Months membership AED 329 per month for the year. If you are travelling or indisposed for any reason you can pause your membership and re-start once your schedule has returned to normal (AED 10 for three months pause but free during Ramadan) – everything you need about membership, billing and classes is fully explained in the FAQ section of the website (click here).

Is GuavaPass for anyone? GuavaPass isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts but also for people who want to increase or change-up their normal routines and for those who cannot commit to a regular training regime due to a work commitments. Membership also extends beyond fitness classes with perks such as healthy food, fitness and beauty brands to encourage members to live an all round healthier lifestyle.


What are GuavaPerks? GuavaPerks are small discounts that members get around the city with their membership – click here for more information.

GuavaPass also organise fun events for like minded people and partner with forward thinking brands such as Lipton’s Tea to offer free classes which offers another opportunity to meet new people, try different studios and teachers. If you refer a friend to GuavaPass you get AED 100 off your next month’s bill and so will the friend. Abu Dhabi members also have access to GuavaPass even when travelling with thousands of classes available in ten other cities; Bahrain, Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei with even more locations coming soon. 

It was great to celebrate GuavaPass Abu Dhabi’s first year anniversary with my fellow Guavas at Radisson Blu Yas Island. We started with a healthy breakfast, sweated in an outdoor pilates class with Vanity Fitness followed by a wellness talk and then enjoyed a delicious Italian feast at Filini Garden. In celebration of this memorable occasion GuavaPass and anexpatabroad are offering new members 30% off their first month’s membership by using promo code JO30 – click here to sign up now and start your own fitness journey. Here’s to another great year ahead with GuavaPass Abu Dhabi.


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I was invited to attend the GuavaPass first anniversary event at Radisson Blu Yas Island. All views are my own based on my experience. Unless otherwise stated all photos © Jo Brett 2018. All rights reserved. Additional photos used with courtesy of brittanyjoy.photographer.uae and

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