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Remove years of stains in 3 easy steps: peel-apply-reveal!Ibtisama

Looking for a dazzling white smile? Teeth whitening strips are a cost effective and safe at home alternative to the more expensive and professional laser treatments. Easy to use without leaving the comfort of your own abode is certainly a bonus, just incorporate the strips into your daily beauty routine for fourteen days to get visibly whiter teeth.


Abu Dhabi based Ibtisama Cosmetic Teeth Whitening company launched their chemical-free Ice White Strips earlier this year. The strips use a strong efficient whitening gel made of organic ingredients that helps remove stains from natural teeth while protecting the enamel. Our daily coffee, tea, certain foods such as curry and especially tobacco all play a part in discolouring our teeth over time.

Process – The safe two week programme is designed to gently remove years of stains and progressively whiten your teeth. Each box comes with fourteen strips, individually packed with one upper and one lower that are quick and simple to use. After completing the initial programme the Ice White Strips can also be used now and again to add some extra white to your smile.

The strips are very easy to apply with no mess, each daily treatment is composed of two strips, one for the top front teeth and the other for the bottom. The most complicated aspect of this process is knowing which strip goes where, once you figure that out, you apply to your teeth and leave on for just thirty minutes.

Benefits – Teeth whitening strips are cost effective and popular in removing years of stubborn stains. The results vary from person to person depending on the discolouration of your teeth at the start of the treatment, the effects do not last forever as the concentration on the strips is not as strong as professional treatments.

Side Effects – I found the strips uncomfortable at first and the buildup of saliva takes some getting used to but it’s worth preserving if you want to see noticeable results. My teeth did feel slightly more sensitive after the first use but it was short lived and didn’t happen again on subsequent uses.

Cost – The Ibtisama Ice White Strips are definitely affordable when compared to professional treatments. The cost for the fourteen day at home treatment programme is just AED 170.


Those looking for a more permanent treatment can visit one of the Abu Dhabi based Ibtisama Smile Lounges for a non-invasive led light whitening treatment or arrange a visit from the mobile teeth whitening team in your own home. The Ibtisama (translated as ‘a smile’ in Arabic) brand is a homegrown UAE concept launched by founder Maissa Fattal, the company is the exclusive UAE distributor of the organic 100% chemical free products developed in the USA.

Teeth whitening strips are a good fuss-free option for those looking for a quick boost to their smile for that special occasion, but for those looking for more long term results something more permanent may be required. A beautiful smile is a powerful asset, it improves self-confidence and encourages you to smile bigger and brighter, and of course it also looks great in photos. Just add the organic Ice White Strips to your daily beauty routine to brighten your smile, it’s really that simple.

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