In Pictures | A Postcard From Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great big black bastard of a city where there are ghosts of all kinds.” Sara Sheridan

Returning from Bali I had a quick week back in Abu Dhabi to catch up with the washing and it was off again to London for two nights, then a quick one night stopover in Glasgow to drop the teenager and her friend to the T in the Park festival on her seventeenth birthday and then off again for a weekend in Edinburgh with friends sans any offspring. The weekend was a raucous affair in a fantastic city where centuries of history meet a vibrant cosmopolitan city in a memorable setting, basked in glorious sunshine one minute and drizzle the next. Loads of fab pubs, stunning scenery, more pubs, striking architecture, fine food, live music and did I mention a pub or two and even a trip to the beautiful Firth of Forth and you guessed it yet another pub.

We literally ate, drunk and laughed our way round the city, one public house at a time enjoying the best Scotland’s capital city has to offer. We converged, one on an international flight, two on the overnight sleeper train from London and me on the inter city coach from Glasgow to enjoy a four-day mini summer (I use the word ‘summer’ loosely) break and our first encounter with the new travel phenomenon that is Airbnb (read more about that in Edinburgh Apartment: An Airbnb Review). Here’s a first sneaky pictorial peek into our Scottish exploits.

IMG_4521 IMG_4584 IMG_4586 IMG_4730IMG_4844IMG_4594IMG_4605IMG_4612DSC00089IMG_4625IMG_4772IMG_4632IMG_4773IMG_4775IMG_4714IMG_4744DSC00159IMG_4751DSC00192IMG_4750IMG_4778IMG_4759IMG_4779DSC00170IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4739DSC00183IMG_4784 IMG_4786 IMG_4790 IMG_4793 IMG_4798IMG_4857 IMG_4828 IMG_4858 IMG_4840DSC00216 DSC00211IMG_4852IMG_4745

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