In Pictures | A Postcard From Bali

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” Hilaire Belloc

Bali is just beautiful, it’s really that simple. This tropical paradise island is a melting pot of culture, diverse landscapes, unimaginable beauty, unanticipated spots of pure sophistication and a curious magical charm that casts a spell making you never want to leave. I was excited to visit and everyone I spoke who has been to Bali loves it, but still I was totally unprepared for just how captivating this little part of the Indonesian archipelago actually is. Over the years the other half and I have travelled to some fantastic countries and the same places always feature in that ‘What’s your favourite place?’ conversation but I have to admit Bali has not only rocketed into my top five, but it’s accelerated right to the top spot as my absolute fave, well to date anyway.

So as I sit on my bed writing this first (of many) Bali posts, surrounded by piles of dirty washing and cheap souvenirs I thought I would ‘post’ (see what I did there) a postcard of our Bali adventure, it’s like one of those drop down elongated versions that gives you a snap shot of the island and our trip. Five hotels/villas over fourteen days spent exploring mother natures considerable beauty on this Island of the Gods from pristine beaches, rice terraces, numerous temples to mountains, volcanos and forests, early morning markets, fine dining, a Balinese cooking class, cocktails and coconuts drank straight from the tree, massages, yoga and lots and lots of walking it was a holiday of dreams with many adventures, experiences and even facing some fears.

Thank you Bali, you were amazing!


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      1. Not yet. My brother in law and his wife were there a couple of months ago and loved it. Their stories and pictures combined with your post makes me want to visit soon! 🙂

      2. I would most definitely recommend it 😀 Lits more Bali post to come and thank you for your kind words about my photos x

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