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“Cinema is no longer just going and sitting watching a movie.” Vox Cinemas

So over here in my expat bubble, I’ve become a bit of a princess! I know it’s a shock to you all that know me personally (to anyone thinking you were a princess already, RUDE!!) and last week I added a whole new level of princess to my existence, the Vox Gold experience at Yas Mall.


The Vox Gold cinema experience is not a new concept here in the UAE and it’s one we have experienced before but the Yas Mall cinema takes that experience to new dizzy levels of pampering, who knew going to the cinema could be quite so exciting. The best way to describe the experience is it’s the ‘first class’ of cinema viewing with its private fancy premium lounge, fully reclining leather armchairs, satin pillow and blanket and full waiter/waitress service. Nothing new there in the region you may say, but add the extra touches of the poshest cinema toilets I’ve been to complete with a range of complimentary Molten Brown products and the best bit absolutely no one talking throughout the movie or on their phones, almost unheard of in the UAE!


Fancy a bite to eat? Not a problem and it’s not just the usual popcorn or nachos with melted plastic cheese (although that is available) but a three-course restaurant style menu, ordered and delivered to your seat by your very own hospitality trainer server.  I ordered six mini Goats Cheese Bruschetta’s served with a salad on a black slate platter that was delicious and would put some restaurants to shame, can we take a moment to appreciate that I was at the cinema and it was delivered to my seat for AED 25, bargain! The only thing missing was a glass of bubby. My waitress actually tucked me into my blanket, I kid you not! 


So alongside being absolutely cosy and comfortable the sound was also amazing and the screen was huge. With three Gold cinemas to choose from it’s pretty likely that your movie of choice will be showing too. The downside is it’s not cheap but with our particular credit card it’s a two-for-one deal so happy days all round ;-). I got so carried away describing all the indulgence that I forgot to mention the movie we went to see, the oscar nominated American Sniper, great film dealing with a very sensitive subject and spoiler alert, a super sad ending ;(



If Gold isn’t your thing (ummm hello?) this 20-screen state-of-the-art megaplex also offers the advanced 4DX technology to engage all five senses, a new concept in Abu Dhabi where the effects mimic a range of sensations designed to engage the viewers five senses, all synchronised with the on-screen action. You literally follow every twist and turn of a car chase in motion seats (think Fast and Furious), get rained on, feel the breeze on your face or even the heat of an explosion more akin to a theme park ride (reminds me of Universal Studios or Disney’s MGM) than watching a movie and there’s even lightning and scent too.


There’s two enormous Vox Max cinemas (biggest MAX screen in the capital, 24.5 metres wide for those who are curious) with rows of grandstand tiered seating to offer viewers ultimate viewing positions (there is even a lift to reach the top levels, honestly) and Dolby Atmos surround sound that draws the viewer into the movie experience. An exclusive children’s cinema complete with brightly coloured seats with an adjoining play area shows child-friendly movies and it can even be booked out for parties. Even the smaller ‘normal’ cinemas have larger than average sized screens and the latest Dolby 7.1 surround-sound technology installed, of course they do!


Being the newest kid in town means that Yas Mall’s Vox cinema is not only modern and sparkling new but has all the latest cutting edge technology enabling it to attract more viewers in the capital’s competitive cinema market. It’s a much welcome addition to Yas Island and for us off-island dwellers it’s transformed our cinema going accessibility without having to travel into the city or out to Mussafah. If you fancy watching your next movie in ultimate luxury, give Vox Gold at Yas Mall a try, I think you might just like it!  


All views are my own. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2015. All rights reserved. Additional photos used courtesy of Vox Cinemas, The National, Yas Mall and www.digitalproductionme.com

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