In Pictures | A Postcard From Helsinki

Helsinki is a pocket-sized city and its sights are almost within a walking distance.” DISCOVER HELSINKI

If you follow my blog on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, if not why not come over and have a look) you are well aware that myself and the family have just been on a week’s trip to Finland. This was my first trip to Scandinavia and the first part of the trip was spent exploring the capital, Helsinki. It was as expected absolutely freezing (so glad I packed my ski thermals) but it’s a beautiful city to explore, it was very festive and I love the coffee culture that is very popular. The city offered historical buildings, indoor and outdoor markets, a waterfront and harbour as well as a host of traditional and contemporary shops, restaurants and hotels (we stayed in the very modern and centrally located GLO hotel).

We took a short ferry ride over to Suomenlinna (Sea Fortress) Island just off the coast of Helsinki. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna was once an important defence bastion but it’s now a Finnish cultural treasure and also home to hundreds of residents and was fantastic to explore. I can thoroughly recommend a trip to Helsinki but maybe choose a warmer month!



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