Weekly Photo Challenge | Dreamy and Refraction

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I live in my head all day long and the world is a little dreamy.Tim O’Brien

Majorly late (yet again) and majorly cheating here combining two weeks of Weekly Photo Challenges with Dreamy and Refraction in one post. I have used some photos from my trip to the Physic Gardens in Cowbridge, Wales back in the summer. The photos show the ‘dreamy‘, beautiful and colourful landscaped gardens bathed in summer sun and a close up of the water droplets from the fountain for ‘refraction‘, not the best interpretation of either subject matter but as pretty as a picture nonetheless.


Dreamy Physic Gardens, Cowbridge are colourful, stunning and peaceful


The striking ‘Echinacea Purpurea’ (Eastern Purple Coneflower)


Close-up of the Echinacea Purpurea 

DSC00031Is this refraction? I think so but not sure but I love the photo anyway!

Read more about the Physic Gardens in my previous post ‘Welsh Weekender’ here.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2014. All rights reserved

1 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge | Dreamy and Refraction”

  1. In my country (Slovenia) we use Echinacea purpurea a lot. Mainly because of the beneficial effects on the immune system and it’s reasonable to take when our immune system is weakened. It’s also growing in our garden 🙂 Excellent plant and beautiful photos!


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