Weekly Photo Challenge: Spilt-Second Story

It’s like riding a roller coaster made of sand.” Unknown

For this week’s photo challenge, bloggers are asked to become a documentary photographer and attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing. Put your National Geographic hat on and tell a story by documenting a moment in time through a single image. Capture the thrill of a skate park, or the calmness of a café patio. Let your imagination inspire and guide you!

This photo catches the convoy of 4 x 4’s on a break during the dune bashing in Abu Dhabi’s desert. The Emirates Tours Desert Safari takes you out in the desert with a visit to a traditional Arabic camp where guests enjoy camel riding, henna painting, belly dancing, shisha, local Arabic food that’s been served for centuries in Bedouin culture and features in Emirati history and still today.


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