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The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat.” Ogden Nash

If you know me, you know very well I am not an animal lover, not at all! I don’t like dogs, picking up poo is not my bag and I don’t like cats much either! Bearing all these facts in mind you may find it weird that last week we got a kitten! I was cajoled/coaxed/persuaded/bombarded (insert your preferred word here) but the correct word would definitely be ‘bullied’ by team teenager/other half to give a home to a kitten rescued with her brother from the street. The litter of abandoned kittens were being mistreated by a group of nasty children but these two were luckily saved by one of the teenagers friends and her family who already have a menage of animals, so couldn’t keep the new additions.

ImageRescue kittens ‘Yas’ on the right with her brother ‘Frodo’ in the photo that was used to force me to become a cat owner against my will

So welcome to the Brett family, ‘Yas’ the six-week old Arabian Male/Persian cross little grey fur ball who fits in the palm of your hand. My first name suggestions of ‘Pussy’, ‘Kit-Kat’ and ‘Kitty Kat’ were all vetoed by the teenager as was ‘Mo Fo’ (she is a bit too cute to be the last one to be honest) so finally ‘Yas’ was chosen, cute and a perfect homage to living here to boot. So seven days and hundreds of dirhams later (equipment, litter, food, vet bill and toys) we are cat owners and I have a loyalty card at ‘Pet Kingdom’, WTH, it’s a slippery slope to becoming a crazy cat lady!! I did have a couple of stipulations before the adoption last Tuesday that I have enforced 1) I am not picking up or having anything to do with ‘poop’ 2) I am not going to the vets, ever, due to there being the possibility of more animals there and 3) Yas is not allowed in the ‘cat free zones’ of the apartment, animals in kitchen make me want to vomit! Apart from all that all is well so far with the kitten that loves to be cuddled one minute and is tearing around like a demented idiot, skidding on the wooden floors the next, as she launches herself into her room (yes she has her own room, a middle class cat or what!)

ImageJust the first shopping trip for kitty supplies

I am pleased to report that her brother ‘Frodo’ was rescued by our friends and is living in the apartment complex next door, a happy ending for these two little sweet-natured kitties, I hate to think the fate of the rest of the litter. I promise not to bombard you with endless posts/photos and updates of this kitten so here are just a few shots so you can soak up the cuteness! I can no longer blog on the sofa as she jumps on my laptop if my fingers move! Such fun!

ImageArriving home in her new cat basket, doesn’t she looked thrilled!

ImageChecking out her new surroundings


Kitten or furby? You decideImageObsessed with my feet, brave kitty!

ImageCouldn’t resist me, could you!!

ImageLook into my eyes, yes I know I am sooooo cute

ImagePlayful kitty

ImageModern and inquisitive kitty loves her technology

ImageKitten in motion

ImageMy new blogging assistant giving me her photo approval

ImageHello camera!

ImageYas with her doppleganger on the kitten food packet

ImageHappy teenager and kitten selfies

ImageFavourite toys 

My favourite ploy used by the teenager in her relentless bombardment of persuasion tactics was “If we get the kitten, you can blog about it!” Manipulative much ?!?

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