Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

A camel never sees its own hump.” African Proverb

Ooops! Playing catch up again from last weeks photo challenge but here is my attempt at ‘Threes’. When I first read this challenge at the beginning of last week, I thought I would be clever and attempt a literal interpretation on ‘Threes’ by taking three photos of the number three around and about in Abu Dhabi but it turned out to be quite lame, as you can see below.

ImageThree threes in Abu Dhabi

So I tried another approach with the three-picture story idea after visiting the Qasr Al Hosn Festival and taking copious amounts of photos of camel. The three-picture story should include an establishing shot (a broad photo of your subject), a relationship (two elements interacting with one another) and a detail (a close-up of one part of your subject).

In the UAE, camels aka ‘ships of the desert’ were historically valued because of both their social (transport) and economic (milk, meat and given as a bride’s dowry) value in the region.ย The Arabian camel is a dromedary, a large even-toed ungulate with one hump.

The top (establishing) and bottom (detail) photos show how the camel can be used to transport goods and people and the middle (relationship) is of a mother and baby, check out their eyelashes, so amazing!




Below is an extra photo……I couldn’t resist including this close up of the camel who looks so cute but a little sad.Image

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