Weekly Photo Challenge:Treasure

 “Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man.” William Penn

For the first time since I started participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge I am late to post my entry that should have been done by last Friday. I have no excuse except that I just couldn’t think of a photo that I already have or could take that fulfilled the brief. Any trinkets and things that hold memories for me that I treasure are locked up in storage back in my home country and things that you treasure on a daily basis like family and friends seemed too obvious.

I turned to the online dictionary for some inspiration ~ Treasure (noun) a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects. (verb) keep carefully (a valuable or valued item). The definitions just reinforced that those such possessions and keepsakes are not with me on my expat journey so I have gone a little off piste shall we say with the photos of coral washed up on a Maldivian beach, a treasure from the sea. I promise to try harder next week, hopefully……..




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