Sunshine Award – Thank You

Man gives you the award but God gives you the reward.” Denzel Washington

So it’s awards season in the TV and movie world and over here in my very tiny corner of blog world I am very excited to have received some recognition and an award nomination from the Blogosphere. Fellow expat blogger Safia Moore over at topofthetent has nominated me for a Sunshine Award – Thank You Safia!

The idea of these WordPress awards is to keep spreading the love and nominate your favourite bloggers, much like you could say, in the style of the old chain letter. The only other obligations is to answer the ten questions below and nominate ten of your own favourite blogs. So here goes…….my answers are to the ten questions are……


1. To where would you most like to travel? Italy. I really want to go on an Italian Tour taking in Rome, Venice, Florence among others and the beautiful Amailfi coast and maybe pop over to Sicily and Sardinia too.

2. Do you have a sweet tooth? YES! Its my biggest downfall, death by chocolate!

3. What motivates you to keep blogging? To keep my brain active and share my expat experiences

4. Who is your favourite comedian? Tough one as there are so many to choose from but at the moment I would have to say  Jack Whitehall and Michael McIntyre

5. What is your favourite outdoor activity? Well I want to write something energetic like paragliding or sky diving but that would be a complete lie, so BBQ/picnics on the beach, nothing energetic I’m afraid!

6. Who was your favourite teacher and why? My ‘O’ Level History teacher Mr Smith, I loved the subject and he was an inspiration

7. Do you own any pets? NO! Not an animal lover at all much to my daughters disappointment

8. Most embarrassing moment in your life? Which one to choose…..probably being in my Mini and being squashed by a Double Decker bus full of people, embarrassing and really not good for the car either! I was wedged against the curb in our little village completely stuck and just had to wait until the crunching of metal on metal came to an end and then the driver didn’t even stop!

9.  Where are you from? Basingstoke in Hampshire. UK

10. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? errrrr what? I have no idea?!? So much he lost count?!? Is this a trick question??

Now that’s the awkward bit over, here are my nominees (said in oscar presenter style)  in the Sunshine Award Category……There is no obligation to accept but if you feel like spreading the blogging love too (or should that be spread the sunshine) then please link back to this post as I have to my nominator in the opening paragraph, answer the ten questions above and then nominate your favourite ten more bloggers to receive the award.

My selection of blogs is from those I have discovered and enjoyed since joining the blogging world back in August, some I have been following for a while and others that I have discovered more recently.

Laura and Tia at Little Button Diaries

Jess at sweetpotatoruns

Marianne at Circles in the Sand

Abby at Abby’s Roads

Diana at Little Bits of Nice

Emory at Hello, Scarlett

Kim at Eat Sleep Bake Repeat

Kris at The Panama Adventure

Jessica at Momma’s Gone City

Kirsty at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

All views are my own based on my experience. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on this page © Jo Brett 2016. All rights reserved.

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