Weekly Photo Challenge:Unexpected

No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.” Julius Caesar 

Another weekly photo challenge, another dilemma for this weeks interruption that needs to show ‘Unexpected’. ‘The world is an interesting place: we stumble upon unexpected things each day, like signs that are unintentionally amusing, bizarre sculptures, or even strange evidence of a miniature world on the side of a building.”

This past weekend here in Abu Dhabi we have had unexpected weather….. it rained! Not unexpected by the meteorologists I’m sure but surprising for us and the unbelievable chaos it causes, schools even shut early on Thursday due to inclement weather, now that was unexpected! Our usually sunny skies were replaced with an overcast horizon and dark storm clouds. Not just a few drops of rain in the desert, but three days of on and off heavy rain and storms with just a glimpse of blue skies in-between.








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