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Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

I DID IT! My 30-day squat challenge is complete!

I am giving myself a MASSIVE pat on the back after finishing the challenge on Saturday – Go me!! I certainly had my moments near the end after a two-day sickness bug meant no rest days in the last seven days and an international seven hour night flight on day 28, but I powered through with squats in some strange places to keep the daily count going. The family crumbled early on, the teenager was out in day 5 and the other half did his own thing, which made me even more determined not to quit.

I have squatted in various restaurant restrooms and shop changing rooms in Abu Dhabi, Reading, Basingstoke and London as well as the airport and the hairdressers, lets hope there is no CCTV footage! The last day of 250 squats was tricky, not only was it a huge number but I was also out in London for most of the day and night. After squatting in the ladies in Selfridges (among others) and in the pay-for-a-pee toilets at Waterloo (not so good) the challenge was finally complete.

ImageBenefits of squats (image from

So now I need to maintain some daily squats and find a new fitness challenge, after a little rest maybe…….so I leave you with these words of inspiration from the Motivational Fitness website “Focus on the amount of work you put in and just trust that it will eventually pay off. The biggest mistake you can make is to measure your results way too soon, see little or no progress, and quit.”

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