Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


I could be a morning person…if morning happened around Noon.” Unknown

This weeks photo challenge proved a slight problem to me as I am not in any shape or form a morning person. Luckily (only in respect of this challenge) this week I am responsible for the early morning school run so I am up and about and almost compos mentis at just after 6am!

The photos I have chosen are the view from the apartment at 6.15am this morning (spot the crazy people on the beach working out in their fitness class) and the sun rising on the school run. I have omitted the photos of the one-eyed half asleep teenager!

ImageEarly morning fitness fanatics on the beach


ImageThe rising sun reflects across the apartmentsImageView from the balcony at 6.15am

ImageAn early flight coming into land


Sunrise on the school run



Palm trees and cranes go hand-in-hand here in AD

I am still not convinced that the words ‘Good’ and ‘Morning’ belong in the same sentence, but a good old cup of English Breakfast I am a little more open to the concept.

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